The racism is bad. The violence is too.

The racism is bad. The violence is too.

George Floyd was killed at 25th may [2020] sparking a wave of protests across the United States demanding justice but, mainly, the end of racism.

We are well-known that not only African-American people also too Latin and Asian people and more have constant violations of their dignity for the simple fact of being ethnically different.

But the racism isn´t exclusive in America. In all nations, and everyone social groups, racism and xenophobia exist. We all experience or are part of this delicate and complex social problem.

It is a cultural disease. There is no other way to explain. It is culture, therefore it is a behavior and it is fine to want to change the situation. It is okay to get angry. It is okay to demand justice. It’s okay to wish you had a better world to live in…

But there are ways to do it…

“It is an essential mistake to consider violence as a force”

Thomas Carlyle

The way to the tolerance isn’t the intolerance. Martin Luther King said: “the violence generates more problems than it solves“.

Yes. It was outrageous that in the twenty-first century a person was killed by suffocation by a police officer … but that does not give us the right to destroy, to be violent and to demand that we be treated – all of us – with respect and dignity.

I know. The situacion is complicated. In a moment of helplessness the worst of us comes out but we must give what we hope to receive. If we attack in the face of aggression, we generate a vicious circle that never ends.

In this equation one has to be smarter.

If we want to end the racism we need meditate to do. We have to be aware of what we want and act as we are demanding it.

The racism is bad, is terrible but the violence with which we respond is bad too.

Let’s show that we want – and can – be better.

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