How know you if is “real love”?

How know you if is “real love”?

To answer the question first we would first have to define what is the love, although the idea is interesting, achieving it is complicated. But it is better if we reflect not on what it is but on how it is lived.

I mean, of course, the romantic love…

Megan Boyle published on April 27 (2020): “How to recognize true love“, and some of her words motivated me to write this reflection from a personal point of view.

First: the point of the love. Because although love and attraction are linked, to love someone is not only physical attraction although is something that feels. To love is more, is to feels attraction for all person: weaknesses and virtues.

To say you love someone only because you liked her body or her look isn’t love, is lust. To claim that person’s qualities make us unique is to be lost in feeling. A person is unique because of his defects, and to accept them totally, that is love.

Let´s clarify. The lust isn´t bad. Yes, because of the Judaeo-Christian culture we always link it to capital sins but maintaining a relationship with that link is not sin… it is simply not love. That is the difference.

Boley wrote a phrase:

“Real love is about being patient with your partner, and with yourself. Life is hard, love is hard, and relationships are hard. Things aren’t always going to go smoothly or according to plan.”

I add: continue there when not everything goes as expected, that is love.

The patience is many things. It is to accept the partner in her totality. It is knowing that the relationship will have its good days and bad days but you will always fight with your partner to continue together.

Patience is overcoming obstacles. It’s making sure that we can be together even if everything is difficult.

The patience is complicated. To love is a learning and, especially, a decision.

You decide who to love. And, even when you do, living it day after day is a challenge.

But a beautiful challenge. A job to enrich you because it makes you a better person. A better version of yourself.

Loving makes you see life differently.

Isn´t a poem. When you love are not selfish but you manage to think of another: his happiness. The real love exceeds your being.

Yes. It is not easy but is fantastic.

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